Photo Shoot w/ Nicole Kay Clark

Recently I did a photo shoot for Odina Surf with @nicolekayclark. After we powered through the shoot we got a few cool shots outside the studio walls.


The last bit of summer in North America

CABO 2012

This was my fourth visit down to Cabo, but my first time to the pacific side. We were greeted with warm weather and probably what was the last week of warm, 75-80 degree water. Every day my brother and I ran down the beach and body surfed while we waited for the tide to get could for the reef.

Sunrise bienvenidos (welcome) to Cabo

Painted on the side of the building "Leave the beach free for everyone to enjoy"

Beachfront living one in the same.

 Wish the exposure was set right for this one. Which way is which?


What does your office look like?

Tequila dance under the stars

While my Dad and brother searched for a place to get X-rays in Cabo San Lucas my sister and I were busy playing with the stars.

After six days of continual surf followed by plenty of tequila and cerveza we were feeling good and tired. Our communal list of injuries including a hour and a half long homestyle surgery with a kitchen knife in order to remove some deep sea urchin barbs, a badly sprained wrist and bounce off the rocks on the reef  mean it was time to make the journey home. We'll be back, thanks for the souvenirs ;)



I want to make a short film like this. Well done guys.

Thee Electric Ballroom


Thee Electric Ballroom has recently become a monthly event hosted at El Dorado by The Short Eyes. Bringing San Diego's upcoming musicians and artists together, the event promises to feature some great local talent. Here are some photos from the first event featuring music by: The Short Eyes and The Dirty Sirens and artists: Adam Moyes, Bleu Avina, Bobbi Koller, Peter Delgado, Stephen Harris, Bujwah Strangers and Myself(Cliff Endsley).

Peter Delgado (right side)

 Bleu Avina (upper left) and Adam Moyes (bottom center)
Bujwah Strangers


Stephen Harris

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 My Hero. Sean Sanders, lead singer from The Short Eyes

The Boys

See you at THEE next Electric Ballroom!


Cabo Preview

Recently my family and I went to Cabo for a week vacation. My brother and I spent every day in the warm water on the Pacific side. Its looking like a busy week, but I hope to post more photos from this trip soon.


Its Winter Time

Into The Mind



I'm thankful for the swell that aligned perfectly with thanksgiving.
Thankful that I could swim out and shoot some photos this morning,
then surf with my brother afterward.
Thankful for my friends and family that keep me inspired to stay in pursuit of living an amazing life.


What some photography clients act like in the real world.

“Oh, really, Company X will only charge you $99? Well then you should call Company X.” Prospect Answer: “But I didn’t really like Company X’s pictures online.” MY response: “Exactly. I really prefer the fresh mahi mahi at Brasserie Perrier to the filet o fish at McDonald’s, but I don’t call Brasserie Perrier and ask them to lower their prices because McDonald’s only charges $1.99.”

Thanks peta pixel


Samson & Delilah Band

Kevin Whan and Alexandra Govere from Samson & Delilah Band