Those moving images

A while ago I promised I'd put together a few clips from my first session back in the water with a camera (since having all my equipment stolen in Costa Rica). It took much longer than I expected because I didn't think about the fact that along with my computer went my editing software. Now I'm back up to speed (more or less) and figuring out the new Final Cut Pro X. I do however, need to get back out there and shoot some more video in the water, now that I've got the focus issues figured out ;)


While you were...

Sleeping, brewing your morning coffee, driving to work or do anything else other than enjoying these tasty morsels.

Hopefully these photos will allow you to mentally escape from the confines of your cubicle and tickle your brain into changing your routine tomorrow morning ;)

Sunrise offshore winds :P

Erik Hjermstad stoked!

Rory snuck in a few nuggets before work, good man.

Erik smiling as he shows us how to do ride the lip, with your head.

Feeeeel the vibes mon (cue the reggae :)

The O'l Rogue wave made his usual morning appearance. Its cool, no hard feelings.

High five vibrations

More on the way, get out there already!


TP 2/5/12

Yesterday mornings high tide couldn't prevent the strong offshore winds from making some very photographic barrels.

The water was close to clear enough for one of these.

Barrel pads opposed to Lilly pads

These guys always come to say hi, } on ?


MOre to come later this week #nonstopwaves