Le Blorr at Ship in the Woods

 Pre party beers

Fully anchored the Ship in the Woods was the place to be on this Saturday night.

Artwork was featured by several artists including: El Gran Tocayo, Brandon Lomax, Colin Whitebread and Dave Persue. All of the pieces were mind blowing, here are just a few.

a glimpse from above

 and below

Time to take a look inside...

 trippy no doubt

Note to self: Don't let life pass you by with your phone in your face.


The abominable snowman was in the house making sure nobody messed with the art. El Gran Tocayo featured above the fireplace and far left corner.

 Its a nice setup, but the party is where the music is at...

 Le Blorr took the stage and stole the show via musical shreddage

 shortly after this "One more song! One more song!" rang out very loudly

Go check out the Ship in the Woods, its magical.


Rally Rules

(this is not my photo, but when ... i already prefer dos equis)



The Open + Trestles

We survived! The US Open Of Surfing is finally over after 9 long days of impressive surfing. Making it through the weekend was a battle of all sorts, from finding places to sleep to winning heats with 11 time world championships in them... no matter what the latter is always difficult. It all figured itself out in the end of course. Julian Wilson is $100,000 dollars richer, I've got a few photos, a sore neck and a new swell just arrived (for orange county anyways).

With all the sponsors and people in town for the event the battles continued on into the night by way of partying. Since there was a party too good to miss each night you had no choice but to keep fighting. By fighting I mean drink more Red Bull, possibly some Jack Daniels, don't go to sleep till you find some nice floor space and do it all over again the next day. All this who-ha aside, I think the highlight of the evenings events for me was getting to meet Eric Koston, a living skate legend whose shoes I used to rock as a kid growing up and learning how to skate.

 The women's champion Lakey Peterson stoked to come out on top.

 The champ Julian Wilson stoked to make it all the way through to the bitter SWEET end.

 After the event and before the final night of partying I made a brief escape down to Trestles. I decided to switch things up a bit; I brought it down from 500mm to 17mm and made my way into the water for glass off at sunset highlighted by some aerial events.

Until next time... keep sending it!