Hurley Pro at Lowers

 After an early morning drive and shorter than normal hike down to trestles I found my self in the water with some of the best surfers in the world. I was so stoked for this moment to become a reality after having dreamed of it for so many years. Although the waves could've been a little bigger/steeper it was still fun to be out there in the morning light watching the pros warmup before their heats.

here a grom takes some last minute notes

 This guy is gonna be good

 John John

 no cigar

 Julian Wilson

Kolohe Andinos morning bottom turn 

 the Octocopter was there to catch all the action
 The pilots quadruple checked everything before each flight, i dont blame em

 Parko takes a moment before entering the Final heat against Kelly

The King 

Kelly most likely thinking, "how should I win it this time"

Newport Jetties 9/19/12

 Dayton Silva
 Dane Zaun
 Free for the taking.



Awesomeness from Nathan Fletcher, Chippa Wilson brought to you by Riley Blakeway and Analog Clothing


A 24hr Adventure on the Escape

Last Sunday my friend Steven Collins invited me to go fishing 60 miles SSW of San Diego aboard his boat the Escape. We started out at about 10pm, made the usual stop by the bait dock and were on our way.

Sailing away from safe harbor, we listened to some classic rock while the stars began to take over the sky.

 Before long, morning came and the breakfast of champions and son's of sons of sailors who came before them was on the menu. BEER. After breakfast it was time to catch dinner, we did pretty well.

 Jack Santone with his catch of the day

I wanted to get in the water to see some the action from a different angle. It was nice for awhile. Warm water, fish circling below, but then this little guy showed up (blue shark) and I couldnt help thinking that his bigger brother or cousin might come by for the party, so I hopped out.

 This photo pretty much sums up our fishing...

we caught Blue Fin, Yellow Fin, Albacore and Dorado all in the same spot. This is fairly unusual, as some of the tuna tend not to like the same water temps.

 Mark and Uncle Ron processing our first round of fish.

 As fresh as it gets.

During the morning we broke the CV joint on one of our engines, rendering it useless for the rest of the trip. One might think that having to limp 60 something miles back home at 6.5 knots would be torturous. Well, there wasnt a dull moment. Thanks to the beautiful Pacific Ocean, the Coronado Islands(above) and endless fishing stories shared at a freshly caught dinner, life couldn't have been better.

Summer Strong

Summer is still going strong, stronger now that tourists have left.


A Day of Plenty

At 5:30am on Sunday September the 2nd of 2012 I found myself awakening to the dismal sound of my phone alarm.  The arrival of the ever elusive south swell happened to collide with a very busy work week, making it difficult to make time for sleep knowing that $$ or barrels would be missed. 
 None the less I rose my carcass and shortly there after found myself walking down the beach in Oceanside with my friend and co-worker Drew Oesterle, camera in hand. As usual, the morning light didn't disappoint and we managed a few shots on the fading South.


 After a few tasty waves it was time to head north to Newport Beach to meet up with some cooool buds ;)

 The standard refuel ingredients to keep the party going.

 Having a cold one poolside, I met this crazy horse. He was pretty gnarly. He didn't even say a word the whole time, I think he was really drunk. Anyways..

to the bottom
 with you.

One of the main attractions in Newport on this long Sunday was the band Le Blorr, who put on yet another great performance for the attendees of the Pacific Festival to enjoy.

After some barrels, pool time with non talking horses and amazing music it was time to get back to reality and finish off the last shift of the week. (Quick! Only an hour and a half till you have to be at work at 5:30pm.) You know the drill, get to it.