Thanksgiving swell in SD

The Sun just barely peaked over land to light this barrel.

TP sequence1

TP Sequence2

Ah, the things we'll do to get keys out of a locked car..

Clark on a homemade wooden hand plane.



Cendit is getting a new home. cendit.com will be the home of the blog and much much more. You will still be able to access the blog via http://cendit.blogspot.com as well. Looking forward to creating new stuff and a new journey, see ya at cendit.com


San Diego Sessions

Finally got to shoot some decent waves with my new port and lens (17-40mm) stoked to be shooting with it. I think im gonna have to get a new camera soon though...getn a bit kooky.


Its the Weekend, again.

Go find it.



Fox Swim

This was a two day photo shoot for Fox's first swimwear line that I did all the lighting for, check it.


O'l Sandspit

Dug up some old sandspit photos that I shot while i was living in Santa Barbara. I hope i'll be there again when its going off like this...


10/28/09 Am Sesh w/ the Chuckster

He's got his Kneack back!



Zack Attack

Zack Zimmer flying through a Central American Barrel


RJ's AM Sesh 10/21/09

These photos are from this mornings preliminary session for my new 17-40 lens and port of JMJ and LJ @ RJ's...lots o J's. Cant wait to continue shooting with this setup. More to come from tomorrow.



Todd Strikes AGAIN!

photo: Glaser

Todd got another awesome cover, to be seen on the Novemeber issue of Surfer Mag. He also has updated his website, check it out.



Last weekend I went to the Red Bull Soap Box Races to see what it was all about. It was pretty cool but not as extreme as I hoped it would be. I took a few photos but wasnt amped enough to push my way through the crowd to get the right shots. On my way back to my car I snapped a photo of the Phil Harmonic building; brings me back to the brooks days when I used to walk through the halls covered in artistic photos of this building shot on 4x5 to correct for "distortion" ..."oh dear". Only now do I realize the need to correct the distortion on this plain and rectangular building.


Missed Swell

Photo I took last winter when the swell seemed to evade me. During this last week I had some ridiculous battles with the fog, missing the only morning the sun broke through before the daily grind from 9am-6pm.




Under the Sea

She's a beauty.

Doin good.

Brothers at the bottom of the sea.


My Dad

is intense.

He recently qualified for the US National Team to race at the World Championships in Australia, this weekend.


Style for Miles

If i had these skills I'd skate like this too.


Pathetic Coast Highway

Paintings by Damian Fulton

His upcoming show, "Pathetic Coast Highway" is going to be at the Gasoline Gallery in El Segundo this Saturday, September 12- October 3rd. Check it out!