El Dorado blows its lid!

 The Sanders brothers

 Ray Barbee might play better than he skates. Is that even possible?

 Those Feeling Hands

Last Tuesday night the El Dorado got taken over by some of San Diego's best musicians, The Short Eyes and The Mattson Two featuring Ray Barbee. Although the two bands differ in music genres the two complimented each other due to their surf influences and classic styles. Keep your ear to the ground and I'm sure you'll be hearing more from these two amazing bands soon. Stay up to date with their shows by clicking on their band names above.


Le Blorr @ Saloon in Encinitas


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 Full house.

This was the kind of night I'm always looking for and go out more than I probably should in search of. I got to meet the legendary photographer Steve Sherman, got my audio senses satisfied by a good mix of music from Chris Cote who was on DJ duty for the night, all(those are only two things but Sherm is a legend, come on!)  before Le Blorr took the stage.  Le Blorr put on an epic performance needless to say. It wasn't too long ago I saw them play with The Short Eyes at La Cave in Costa Mesa where they killed it as well. Currently on tour from Florida they're making quite the impression on the west coast. Take a listen here: http://blorrmusic.com/



HA! This is rad!