Months of hard work mostly spent behind the lens and steering wheel of the rig you see above paid off. Hope you enjoy! Thanks to Cyrus, for believing in me, Dan Llano and Reis Paluso for the support, Chris Olivas for the excellent edit and the sponsors who made our lives a bit more cozy.

More Video Work- Daniel Manson by Killer Loop

Recently I had the pleasure of meeting Daniel Månsson and Damiano Levati while they were passing through California working on a short video of Daniel for his Killer Loop profile. We worked together in creating this piece which I shot the majority of the water shots.


Compass_ing Trailer


The trailer for a film "Compass_ing" I worked on as Lead Filmer and Assistant director. Produced by Korduroy.tv and Directed by Cyrus Sutton for Reef. Come check out the premiere in Encinitas August 22nd!


On set with Corban Productions and Dragons' Floatable Collection

Before I left for Mexico I helped my friends Nathan Appfel (Director) and Dave Weidetz(Creative Director) get the final shot for Dragons unveiling of their new floatable collection video. We used my water housing along with a handful of jimmy-rigging to make the shot appear to be shot in hawaii, like the other shots. Here are a couple behind the scenes photos:

These next ones I shot messing around in the pool last summer before they had the floatable collection. My beautiful flower assistant and I were doing our best to try and keep them a float.


North Beach at Belly Up

North Beach (formerly The Short Eyes) played Belly Up in Solana Beach last Tuesday and put on an amazing performance. All three of the sanders brothers took the stage with Sage Sanders (the youngest of the three Sanders brothers) filling in on bass. Greg McGuinness played Sax on a handful of tracks and added a great sound. Cant wait for their Debut Album "Granados" to come out later this month!



I just rediscovered some old photos from a sunset session at 48th St on 10-16-2008. Missing my 15mm lens; stolen and sold somewhere in Costa Rica for pennies on the dollar.

 Looking straight up

 Many good times had here


Blacks in Black and White 1/24/13

This guy was swimming slowly at the surface with his eyes almost closed, until he nearly ran into me.

This guy was ordered to swim in after this, which he did.

 The guy who almost got hit said I should entitle this "The Dangers of Surfing Blacks"

This guy was the bottom turn master. He got two bombs in back to back sets. Single fin for the win.
 SO many waves went unridden, mostly the best ones.

 It pained me to watch so many good waves go unridden or people taking off way on the shoulder. Next time I might just have to surf.

 Run run run RUN away!
 Bodyboarder got the photo of the day. He was the only one taking off deep enough...




Muse in SD